Chancel Choir

It’s time for our Christmas Cantata, Christmas Dreams: A Cantata by Martin and Sorenson. Well, at least time to start rehearsing for it. We will be using the last half-hour of our usual choir time to prepare for this festive event. So join us from 8-8:30PM, Wednesdays if you are interested in participating.

Our chancel choir meets Wednesdays, 7–8:30PM. Singing for God is just one of many ways to glorify God. Rehearsing is another form of worship. Our rehearsal will lift your spirits because the Holy Spirit works in us as we sing. Equip yourselves with tools to refine your singing voices while laughing and sharing joys and concerns with fellow brothers and sisters of Christ. Questions or more info? Email or just show up and we will get them answered.

Bell's Angels (Bell Choir)

Our bell choir meets Mondays, 7:00 PM, but is subject to change. We participate in worship about once a month. Want to join? Email or just show up with working wrists and enthusiasm for bells. No previous experiences needed. All are welcome!

Praise Band

With our praise band here at FUMC Heath, we want to create an environment of excellent and accessible praise and worship music so everyone can sing freely! We learn at least one new song a month that will reflect the theme of worship, and we welcome and invite those with willing hearts to help lead our church lead with your instrumental and/or vocal gifts.
Please email Keum at

Guitars, strings, keyboard, percussion, reeds, brass, and singers… all are welcome!

Grace Notes (Flute Choir)

Do you play the flute? Well, we have a ministry for you to be a part of. We meet Wednesdays, 6-7:00PM. Bring your flute and see what group flutes can do for God’s glory!

For more information, email All are welcome!

Like a River in my Soul